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Hirota Sakura is working as a nurse in a local hospital and quite often she gets to work the night shift, as it is mostly left to new medical workers, such as she is at the moment. One of her older colleagues from work told her a secret- once it gets late, no one is really checking on them, so if she manages to find a way to amuse herself during the night, she might even have an amazing time instead of working or just sitting in her office. Being a smart girl as she is, Hirota Sakura got the message properly and used her first opportunity to have casual sex with one of her patients, while no one was watching them. Indeed she had a great time, as she was told.

Since she got bored of her job in a local supermarket, Mika Ito decided to quit and start doing something way more exciting and inspiring, than just selling stuff and charging for it. Her main idea was to go to a local porn agency and see if they have a casting for some movie, because one of her dreams was also to be part of it. Her first task was to show her skills and ideas, so she spread her legs wide and started rubbing her pussy the way she likes doing it in general. It excited her a lot, so she grabbed a small vibrator and started pressing it against her clit, to spice it up until she starts cumming. She did a great job.

If a girl likes dicks more than anything else, like Saori does, one dick per fuck is never enough, since her desires are way more intense than that. Today, Saori hooked up with two guys and managed to take them home, so she could have a decent threesome all day long, until she gets not only satisfied the way she needs it, but also until her whole face ends up covered with fresh cum, since it rounds up her experience. She likes to feel that she has a choice and to take turns sucking one dick and then the other, and change again as she feels like, before her pussy gets stimulated and starts dripping from pleasure, right before she experiences an intense orgasm.

Yuuna Yano is a sweet and a bit shy brunette who was in love with her married neighbor for a while and one day she decided to tell him what she wanted from him hoping that he will share her feelings. It turned out that he was not in love with her, but would not miss an opportunity to dip his cock inside her soaking wet pussy, so after a short conversation, they took off their underwear and started doing some very naughty things with each other. She was getting her pussy fingered like never before and had a little performance for her lover, with a sex toy, just to make sure that his dick will be as hard as possible while banging her.

Hot office babe, Hina Aizawa usually likes to be naughty once she comes home from work, but one particular day was a real blast for her, as she could not even anticipate what would happen, while she was still working. A group of masked guys broke into the company with a clear intention to rob as much money as possible and Hina was the only one who could open the safe, so they took her to the gate expecting to get what they came for. As her skirt was short, it did not take long for burglars to get a hard- on and completely forget about the money, as her pussy was available for them to lick it and fuck it as much as they want.

Super hot business woman, Mirai Haneda is about to start cheating on her husband with a man she met at work and had hots for him. Her intense sexual desires are making her do outrageous things, because she is always in need for sex, but her husband can not keep up with it and fuck her as much as she needs. Today, she invited her new lover to her bedroom and god down and dirty with him, right away, because she did not want to lose time. Her lover made sure to warm her up with some sex toys before fucking her and getting fucked, until both of them ended up completely exhausted. It was a great day for both of them, by all means.

Petite babe with pigtails, Shiori Himemiya has small tits and perky nipples and likes to feel vibrating sensations while getting ready for a threesome with her favorite guys. This insatiable, petite babe is wearing high heels quite often, because it excites her guys, who, then make sure that she gets what she deserves. While riding one rock hard dick, Shiori is sucking another one, and moaning from pleasure at the same time, as she is having tons of fun. There is nothing in the world that feels so good as two dicks inside her, at the same time and she can never have enough of it, no matter how many times a day she gets her group sex session and has an orgasm in the end.

Seductive babe, Lina Aishima is eager to have a threesome, again, since last time she experienced it, it completely changed her mindset about it. Once again, her friends came to her place, started touching and kissing her, just to warm her up properly for what is next and as soon as her pussy was wet enough for a dick to penetrate it with ease, she got her dose of steamy fuck. In return, she sucked her friend’s dicks, because she is well aware of how much a decent blowjob means to a man, and did her best to provide both guys with what they wanted from her. It was not so hard to cum, after a good warm- up and all of them were satisfied, once again.

As soon as she came home from work, business lady, Hina Aizawa started making her drink, because she needed to relax a bit, after a hard working day. There is something else that makes her feel great after work, and that is her small, pink vibrator she likes using all the time. It looks like her roommate came home earlier than usual and decided to lick her hairy pussy, once he saw her trying to satisfy herself. It felt very good to feel a warm, moistened tongue on her pussy, so Hina started moaning and sighing from pleasure, as she was getting closer to an orgasm. It was not enough, so her roommate took more of her sex toys and started drilling her pussy.

Big titted masseuse, Mirai Haneda likes her job a lot, not only because she does not have to wear a specific uniform while working, but also because she does not have to wear any clothes, if that is how she feels like and she does not have restrictions when it comes to do-s and don’t-s, with her clients. It is not a wonder that she is one of the most popular ladies in the parlor, since she would do anything to have her clients coming back, asking for more of her special treatments, that quite often include naked boobs rubbing against their back, footjobs and handjobs as well as a nice, soft blowjob. Mirai is not holding back from even fucking her clients, if she gets horny.

Small titted and very dirty minded babe with amazing skills, Shiori Himemiya is always in the mood for casual sex, no matter where she might be. Although she was supposed to make lunch, in the kitchen, she did not do it, because she had some other activities happening there. Her crush stopped by to see her and soon they were playing naughty sex games with a lot of lube, on the floor, and using various sex toys to spice it up, properly. Shiori was gently moaning while vibrators were buzzing against her dripping wet pussy before she started rubbing herself against a rock hard cock, to return a favor and make her man moan, as well. In the end, lunch did not matter as much as an orgasm.

Petite lady all dressed up in a satin kimono, Lina Aishima always had a sexual fantasy that includes two horny guys, so one day her lovers arranged to surprise her and give her the experience she desperately wanted. They showed up in her place, wearing only underwear and started touching her, kissing her and doing all kinds of naughty things with her small tits and dripping wet pussy. Lina could not hold back from moaning, like never before, because she was experiencing very high levels of pleasure, that she would not even imagine, before. Her tight pussy got properly stuffed with dick until she got satisfied, so after she came, she did not even want to move for a while, to enjoy it more.

Lustful woman, Saaya Hazuki can not handle a single day without having sex with her husband, or any man she likes, in general. If one of them is not available, some other man will be, so she never skips a daily fuck, one way or another. Today, she is all dressed up in satin and with gentle make- up on her face, because her lover for the day likes her to be a real lady while sucking his hard dick and riding it like a pro whore. This fabulous woman knows how to keep her man as well as herself satisfied, when it comes to sex, and she always gets a nice, facial cumshot in the end, because she definitely deserves one.

Amazing, dark haired lady, Hina Kawamura could not hold back from having sex with a man she was in love with, as she was in love with him, for a long time, although he was married to her good friend. It did not take a long time for them to hook up and get down and dirty with each other, until both of them start sweating and moaning from pleasure while fucking like two wild animals. This astonishing woman is having a blast and can not have enough of sex, especially since her lover’s dick fits inside her soaking wet pussy better than any other. In the end of the steamy fuck she is having, Hina will get a nice cumshot, straight on her tongue.

Saori is a slender, small titted babe who is in love with a guy who just wants to fuck her hard, every once in a while and cum inside her pussy, because it s his ultimate pleasure. He does not really love her as much as she would like to, but she is still getting down and dirty with him, every once in a while, because he knows how to keep her satisfied, at least when it comes to sex. Every time he fucks her she has a huge smile on her face for a day or two, so she would not give up on it, no matter what. Today, he made her squirt before banging her from the back, until they both came.

Adorable, petite babe in pink dress, Shiori Himemiya wants to try sex with two guys at the same time, because she thinks that she will like it. Since she already knows how to keep one guy satisfied, today she will try to satisfy two of them at the same time and have fun along the way, if possible. She is very excited and can’t even decide which dick to suck first, since they are both hard and ready for her and her fuckholes. She is in the mood to explore all the possibilities of a steamy threesome and have a blast with her guys. Having in mind her dirty mind, most probably she will enjoy it and ask for more, as soon as it can happen.

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